Loose Plant Fibers and Boards for Insulation

Natural fibers are ecological and renewable materials (wood, hemp, cellulose wadding, rice straw…). Used in bulk or in panels for insulation, plant fibers have many properties. Sound absorption, moisture regulation and thermal protection: plant fibers are excellent materials for building insulation. They can be used for a wide range of interior and exterior cladding applications, including roofs, attics, walls, facades, partitions and floors.

Treatment of Bulk and Panel Plant Fibers

Although they have many advantages, plant fibers, whether used in bulk or in panels, require specific treatments to mitigate various pathologies. In fact, when used as insulation, they are subject to humidity. These constraints are risk factors that favor the appearance and proliferation of various organisms. Attacked by fungi, mold or insects, plant fibers need to be protected to ensure their durability.
Fungicidal treatments should ideally be applied before installation to maximize their effectiveness.

Isolation des combles avec de la fibre végétale

AXIL® Preventive Fungicidal Solutions

With its AXIL® range, Groupe Berkem offers preventive solutions for the preservation of wood and its derivatives in buildings. Applied to wooden parts, AXIL® brand products effectively combat moisture and fungi growth, while increasing the material’s durability against biological risks.
In addition, to over 60 years’ know-how in formulation, AXIL® solutions are backed by guarantees and certificates of effectiveness attesting to their reliability, conformity and suitability for use on wood materials intended for construction.

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