The brands of interior and exterior decorative paints and varnishes incorporate alkyd resins produced by Groupe Berkem into their formulations, to deliver performance in terms of viscosity, drying, gloss, adhesion, resistance and durability.

For the formulation of high performance, high gloss coatings

Groupe Berkem offers a variety of alkyd resins designed to enhance the properties of paints and varnishes by adapting to the constraints of each customer’s specific industrial tool. All of the solutions proposed make it possible to respond to the quality and performance challenges involved in the formulation of:

  • Primary paints and finishes
  • Gloss, satin or matt paints
  • Lacquers, anti-corrosion paints
  • Impregnating varnishes, marine varnishes, sealers
  • Co-binder resins
  • Stains

Naturally bio-based

For over 60 years, Groupe Berkem’s alkyd resins have had the distinctive feature of being based on vegetable oils. Soya, linseed, Chinese wood, castor and sunflower oils make up the historical bio-based component of our products. Groupe Berkem is committed to a sustainable, eco-responsible approach. Its R&D department is focused on the transition from current resins to alkyd resins whose compounds are of renewable origin. Our goal of performance goes hand in hand with a reduction in environmental impact. Groupe Berkem uses plant-based raw materials in its resins.

Innovation, techniques and support

Constantly aware of market, technological and regulatory developments, Groupe Berkem supports its paint and varnish manufacturer customers both upstream and downstream of their use of alkyd resins. Its team provides quality advice at all key stages in the life of resins – research, development, marketing, production, delivery, and use. Groupe Berkem’s expertise in organic synthesis, combined with the know-how of its application laboratory, enables it to meet customers’ specific requirements and formulate high-performance, technically advanced products.

Synthèse d'une résine alkyde
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