Groupe Berkem, expert in innovative formulations enhancing the protection of materials, responds precisely to this need. By combining performance and respect for the environment, AXIL® brand products, designed for the wood processing industry , ensure the durability of wood and its derivatives, even before they are used on construction sites.

The AXIL® solution: preventive protection for wood and wood products

AXIL®, a Groupe Berkem brand, is a range of preventive solutions for preserving wood and its derivatives, designed for manufacturers in the following sectors of manufacturers.  AXIL® products applied by soaking, sprinkling, spraying increase the protective performance of wood species, and in particular their resistance to major deterioration factors such as:

  •  Biological agents: wood-boring insects (capricorns, lyctus, beetles, etc.), termites and fungi.
  • External elements: fire, UV rays and humidity.

AXIL® solutions enable wood to be treated before installation, considerably reducing the risk of deterioration over time. These preventive treatments can be applied to a wide range of wood and wood-based substrates, including:

  • Lumber and structural timber
  • Wooden packaging and pallets
  • Wooden panels: CLT, CLC, OSB, MDF…

Bio-based preventive protection solutions

With the aim of reducing the impact of its activities on people and the environment, Groupe Berkem is committed to developing its global offering with bio-based solutions. AXIL® brand preventive wood treatment products are gradually moving towards formulations based on biomass-derived raw materials. This plant-based approach ensures the durability, performance and efficiency of the wood material. In this way, Groupe Berkem meets consumer expectations and improves the environmental impact of its products.


Integrating eco-responsible and bio-based solutions

Groupe Berkem is very vigilant about its eco-responsibility and attentive to the environmental concerns of its customers, and is involved in the ecological transition on a daily basis. Thanks to its high-performance industrial facilities and its mastery of regulations and quality control, the Group guarantees innovative and responsible chemistry. As a result, it is able to support wood preservative manufacturers in developing high-performance solutions while reducing their impact on the environment.

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