The XILIX® range offers professionals involved in the renovation and maintenance of exterior woodwork innovative, high-performance products that respect the wood species: renovators, insecticide/fungicide treatments, protective and finishing products. A palette of 14 trendy colors allows you to choose the right decorative finish.

This know-how enabled Groupe Berkem to create XILIX® EXPERT in 2017, France’s first national network of specialists in exterior wood renovation and maintenance.

Groupe Berkem has created the XILIX® EXPERT HABITAT website to bring private clients into contact with our experts.

Pathologies of exterior wood treated with XILIX® EXPERT

The XILIX® EXPERT professional range covers all requirements for the protection of exterior woodwork.

UV rays

When exterior wood is exposed to the sun for long periods of time, UV rays become a degradation factor. The sun will alter the lignin, which will change the color of the wood, turning it progressively gray. This phenomenon is known as “graying” and makes exterior wood unsightly.


Induced by morning dew or rain, water causes repeated dimensional variations that weaken the wood. At first, the wood will swell to absorb the moisture, then it will shrink as it dries. This phenomenon will lead to splitting, which will facilitate the penetration of moisture into the exterior of the wood and, consequently, accelerate its aging.

Biological Agents

If the water contained in the exterior wood doesn’t evaporate properly, the wood will stagnate and the moisture content will increase. This environment is conducive to the growth of wood-rotting fungi. In the case of wood decking, when these biological agents appear, the wood turns green and the affected surface can become slippery and therefore dangerous to users.

Similarly, depending on the region, wood-boring insects are a major hazard and are specifically addressed by product ranges.

If these degradation factors (UV, humidity, biological agents) appear, it’s time to carry out a diagnosis of your exterior wood and choose the right treatment. That’s why the Xilix Expert Habitat website allows individuals to call in the professionals.

XILIX® EXPERT – The network of professionals for the maintenance and renovation of exterior wood coverings

Specializing in wood materials, the XILIX® EXPERT network of professionals advises and supports every renovation project, from initial diagnosis to maintenance contract. The network, spread across France, offers a customized, high-quality service. The independent companies that make up the XILIX® EXPERT network are regularly trained in the latest technical advances, guaranteeing professional, meticulous results. Ongoing training is a key factor in ensuring impeccable performance. XILIX® EXPERT also means using high-performance equipment and products reserved exclusively for professionals, tested, and qualified by Groupe Berkem’s Research & Development department.

XILIX® EXPERT HABITAT – The website that connects professionals/prescribers/individuals

Are you a professional?

Are you a professional interested in being part of the XILIX® EXPERT network? Groupe Berkem supports you with access to training for all your employees. They are intended for technicians and the sales force.

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Are you a prescriber?

Are you an architect or specifier looking for professionals specialized in exterior woodwork? XILIX® EXPERT HABITAT supports you!

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Are you a private individual?

Are you a private individual in need of professional assistance? XILIX® EXPERT HABITAT puts you in touch with experts near you who can diagnose and treat outdoor wood.

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