To maintain the original aesthetics and performance of wood and mineral materials, it’s important to carry out regular maintenance with the help of professional solutions.

XILIX® solutions: reliable, customized treatment

Groupe Berkem offers a wide range of solutions specifically designed for the maintenance, renovation, and protection of wood and mineral materials:  XILIX® products and the XILIX® BLOCKAQUA range.

For the cleaning, treatment, and protection of tiles, paving, and other mineral substrates, both indoors and out, Groupe Berkem also offers the historic SARPAP® brand.

In gel, liquid or concentrate form, XILIX® treatment products can be adapted to different mineral materials in order to treat and prevent the degradation agents associated with them. The formulations are designed to respond to the different pathologies of hard materials such as roofs, facades, and masonry.

The products in the XILIX® range combat against the appearance of fungi, green deposits, micro-organisms, and rising damp. These professional solutions add value to materials by improving their performance for healthier, more sustainable living spaces.

A service to suit all needs

Groupe Berkem, expert in chemical formulations, offers targeted formulas to improve the performance of materials. Thanks to the resources dedicated to research and development, the Group anticipates the environmental, regulatory and product efficiency trends of tomorrow. Our team of experts provide personalized support for each request through a responsive and professional service.

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