Groupe Berkem, reducing the carbon footprint in construction

Aware of the challenges facing this sector, Groupe Berkem has long been a benchmark in the building, pest control and decorative paints sectors, which are all part of a decarbonizing approach to construction through the use of bio-based active ingredients and innovative technologies.

Backed by its long-standing expertise in plant extraction and chemical formulation, its mastery of regulatory aspects and its innovative R&D, the Group is working to bring about the transition in construction by protecting materials and sustainably enhancing their performance and longevity.

Thanks to its expertise in integrating plant-based chemistry into conventional chemistry, Groupe Berkem now offers a wide range of formulations using substances of plant origin for its Construction & Materials business area.

Groupe Berkem's solutions

Preventive solutions for protecting wood and wood products

Targeted media : Construction and structural timber, wooden packaging and pallets, wood fibre panels

The application of Groupe Berkem products to wood and wood products enables:
Enhance the performance of wood species and protect them over the long term
Increase their resistance to major wood degradation factors: biological agents (wood-eating insects, termites, fungi) or external elements (humidity, fire & blaze, UV)

Wood preservation

Preservation and maintenance solutions for mineral materials

Targeted substrates: roofs, facades and mineral paving

Groupe Berkem’s product ranges offer effective solutions for the cleaning, treatment and long-term protection of mineral materials that could be attacked by deposits of green depositsfungi or lichens. In addition, a range of products has been developed to protect walls against capillary rise.

Protecting Mineral Materials

Exterior wood care solutions

Targeted substrates: cladding, decking, fencing, wood panels…

A range of products specially designed to maintain, renovate and protect outdoor wood from external aggressors such as UV rays, humidity and biological agents.

Exterior wood care

Resins for decorative, facade protection and industrial paints

Targeted surfaces: interior and exterior wood, walls, facades, floors and other building surfaces

Alkyd resins providing specific performance for interior and exterior paints, for incorporation into finishing paints, lacquers, varnishes, woodstains…

Raw materials for paints

Plant fibers and insulation

Targeted substrates: plant fiber panels (wood, hemp, cellulose wadding, etc.)

Specific products developed to durably treat and protect plant fiber boards against moisture, mold and fungus.


Committed to decarbonizing construction

Decarbonizing construction is one of the major challenges of the ecological transition. For many years now, the sector has been developing its techniques, materials and regulations, both to reduce the environmental impact of its industry, and to build homes with low environmental impact, while preserving their performance.

Actively involved in this transformation, for almost 60 years, Groupe Berkem has been supporting manufacturers by offering innovative solutions. Ten years ago, Groupe Berkem focused its development strategy on integrating plant-based chemistry into conventional chemistry. Its aim is to offer customers high-performance, efficient solutions using more sustainable materials.

Groupe Berkem puts all its know-how and expertise to work for its markets, integrating biomass solutions right from the design stage from biomass.

Bio-based solutions

Enhancing the performance and durability of materials to reduce their environmental impact.

Our range of insecticides and fungicides continues to evolve towards formulations based on raw materials derived from biomass.

This approach to integrating plants into conventional chemistry ensures the durability and performance of materials.

By reducing fossil-based materials using plant-based resources, Groupe Berkem meets market expectations and reduces the environmental impact of its products.

Innovation at the heart of formulations

Years of research & development, scientific, regulatory and commercial experts dedicated to performance, so that plant-based chemistry can transform construction.

Services for professionals specializing in wood protection and enhancement

Field support

Groupe Berkem team offers personalized support through sales teams who travel to the field to provide their technical, regulatory, quality and logistical expertise.
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