Alkyd resin ranges for interior and exterior decoration

The variety of alkyd resins offered by Groupe Berkem enables decorative paint manufacturers to make the most appropriate choice depending on the application and desired performance.

Among all our product ranges, some have historically been recognized by our customers as essential references:

The properties of alkyd resins for decorative paints

Groupe Berkem’s alkyd resins can be used for paints, varnishes and stains, but also as grinding binders.

They are also important for ensuring the effectiveness of the formulation of decorative paints for wood cladding. Whether the decorative paint is intended for interior and/or exterior wood, you need a flexible, resistant product that can cope with the hygroscopic properties of the wood. Groupe Berkem’s alkyd resins are ideal for this purpose.

In addition to bringing considerable flexibility to the formulation of lasures, varnishes and paints, alkyd resins offer other properties. These include chemical and mechanical resistance after drying, high gloss, and recognized resistance to yellowing.

Compatible with most pigments, the use of Groupe Berkem alkyd resins in decorative paint formulations guarantees reliability and comfort for the professionals who apply them.

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