Algaecide products for roofs and facades

When a facade shows signs of organic residues such as red or green algae, this means that the rendering has been attacked and is no longer performing its protective function to optimum effect, increasing the risk of water infiltration.

To mitigate these risks, algicide treatment is necessary to keep roofs and facades healthy and extend their life. The products in the XILIX® AF range, designed for professionals, have a curative and preventive action on the evolution of micro-organisms on roofs and facades.

Among all our product ranges, some have historically been recognized by our customers as essential references:

XILIX® AF, the algaecide product range for roofs and facades

To combat the deterioration of roofs and facades caused by green deposits, algae and lichen, XILIX®, a Groupe Berkem brand, offers a range of professional solutions. The latter consists of algaecide/fungicide treatments specially adapted to mineral substrates mineral substrates. XILIX® formulations for mineral materials are colorless, invisible and non-film-forming. They allow substrates to breathe, do not alter their appearance and respect even the most fragile coatings.

Groupe Berkem has also developed an innovative gel formulation that facilitates the application of treatment products. These products eliminate micro-organisms from roofs and facades by destroying them. Once the product has been applied, its fungicidal and algicidal action is long-lasting, activating as soon as the coating is damp.

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