The different shades of decorative paints for wood

Wood coloration not only enhances aesthetics, but also harmonizes the appearance of different wood species. The technology behind the AXIL® Color Collection range is based on exacting specifications to achieve perfect reproduction of an even, vibrant and long-lasting color.

For decorating and finishing wood, AXIL® Color Collection offers a choice of 10 shades:

  • Autoclave green
  • Anthracite grey
  • Ebony black
  • Crimson red
  • Chocolate
  • Light oak
  • Golden oak
  • Douglas
  • Dark oak

Adding color at the wood treatment stage does not alter the effectiveness of the process. The desired color is achieved by adding AXIL® Color Collection to the preservative solution at a defined concentration. The various shades in the AXIL® Color Collection can be applied by line flow, spray booth, vacuum die or autoclave.

AXIL® also offers 4 shades of marking dyes for treated wood: red, yellow, orange and blue.

AXIL® Color Collection, for professional wood finishing

These coloring preparations, when mixed with preventive wood treatment solutions give wood trendy shades, without forming an hermetic film. The technology developed is based on very demanding specifications in terms of stability, luminosity and durability. In this way, the homogenization of the shade added to the treatment solution is optimized, and the viability of the colored finish is tested by means of accelerated aging tests.

In order to ensure the perfect integration of the AXIL® Color Collection range perfectly into wood treatment systems, Groupe Berkem offers wood manufacturers a high level of support and expertise, either on site or through its analytical laboratory. This technical support allows us to validate the optimal level of dilution to give the wood the desired shades, and to respond precisely to our customers’ specifications.

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