Wood stain protection product range

AXIL® anti-blue stain treatments effectively protect freshly sawn wood from the appearance of the fungi. These preventive treatments are carried out after the saw has fallen, to protect the coloring. Groupe Berkem adapts to the industrial tools in place within the wood industry, and to the technical characteristics required, by offering several application methods: dipping, spraying and impregnation. AXIL® solutions to protect wood from blue stain are also available in bio-based solutions.

Among all our product ranges, some have historically been recognized by our customers as essential references:

Bio-based anti-blueout solutions

AXIL® fresh sawdust treatment products give sawdust-treated l umber the properties it needs to effectively resist attack by blue-stain fungi and mildew.

Groupe Berkem combines its expertise with more environmentally-friendly formulations by introducing biomass-derived raw materials into the manufacturing processes of AXIL® preventive products aXIL® preventive products , raw materials derived from biomass. Preventive anti-blueing solutions are also available in biobased form, reducing environmental impact while preserving effectiveness.

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