An innovative range of fire protection products

The use of fire retardant products is an effective way to protect a building from the risk of fire. They affect the charring of wood by modifying its structure, thus slowing down the start of a fire.
Groupe Berkem R&D has developed the first ecological alternative to traditional fireproofing products. This pH-neutral innovation from Groupe Berkem does not contain boric acid, phosphorus or other salts, nor VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds). Its innovative formulation perfectly meets the expectations of professionals in the wood industry in terms of health and environmental protection.

Water-based, translucent, stable and ready to use, this AXIL® fire protection product is applied by autoclave impregnation under vacuum and pressure. It is suitable for exterior and interior woodwork: frameworks, timber frames, CLT panels, OSB panels, exterior and interior joinery.

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